• Bert Quin

Regenza® definition for regenerative NZ pastoral farming

Objective: Regenza® strives to optimise the production of nutritious food, while restoring and protecting the environment, increase sequestration of soil organic carbon, and optimising stock health, and in so doing bringing back the respect for and enjoyment of farming as a way of life.

Key practices:

- avoids ploughing and bare soil to maintain soil C;

- uses rotational grazing but to residuals of no less than 2500 kg DM/ha, or to whatever covers are necessary to avoid the occurrence of bare soil above 5% of any farm at any one time. Overgrazing encourages nutrient and soil losses, compaction, pugging and reduction in soil C ;

- pasture seed mixes sown should contain a minimum of (i) red and white clover, (ii) two persistent ryegrasses, (iii) cocksfoot, and (iv) plantain;

- allows pasture to grow taller between grazings, which encourages diversity, shades out weeds, increases root mass and depth. This increases soil C and reduces gaseous losses from animal urine patches and dung deposition by reabsorption;

- maintains pasture covers in winter by feeding out hay and silage rather than growing winter crops;

- limits soil Olsen P levels to 20 and maintain optimum production, by the use of sustained-release non-leaching fertilisers such as RPR. Soil particles in the top 2cm (often with Olsen P much >20 from using excess soluble P), are the main source of particulate P in run-off.. The high levels of water-soluble P in the top few cm of soils to which water-soluble P is applied is by far the greatest source of soluble P run-off. Water-soluble P is also easily leached through and out of soils with low-medium P retention (ASC);

- minimises nitrate leaching and run-off, and gaseous losses of ammonia and nitrous oxide, by using new-gen N ferts such as prilled, inhibitor-coated urea. Fertiliser N application to not exceed 100 kgN/ha annually;

- applies effluent to as much of the farm as possible, with 10ml application rates.

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